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Microblading is a new semi-permanent makeup technique for your brows that gives beautiful, natural looking results. Enjoy no maintenance, perfect brows for at least a year with this procedure!
Unlike traditional permanent makeup our artist uses a special microblading pen to draw individual hair strokes on your brows. It is a detailed and meticulous process that provides such gorgeous results. This procedure is perfect for anyone who wants to reconstruct, define, cover gaps, or fill-in over plucked or sparse brows. Our artist will begin by consulting with you about exactly what you want done with your brows. You will then be numbed to insure this procedure is as comfortable for you as possible. After numbing, you will go over the shape again, before you artist begins to carefully create your new brows one hair at a time. After the initial appointment touch ups are recommended at least 4-5 weeks apart each. For any touch up(s) included in the preliminary price you have 90 days in which to get them done. These touch ups provide your brows with a more dimensional, realistic look, as well as an opportunity to fill in any other spots as needed. Brows will be darker than normal immediately after and will take approximately 7-10 days to heal. While healing try to avoid getting your brows wet as much as possible and apply the coconut oil that will be provided to you. During healing brows may feel tight and/or itchy and may become flaky. Absolutely do not scratch or pick at them during this time as you could disrupt the pigment. After your two included touch ups or 90 days have passed, additional touch ups will be $150. Touch ups are recommended every 1-3 years depending on your personal level of fading, which generally depends on skin type and lifestyle, in order to keep your brows looking perfect.
**Results of the microblading procedure are not guaranteed and can vary based on skin type and lifestyle. Oily skin may not hold pigment as well as other skin types and could require additional or more frequent touch ups. Other factors such as frequent time in the sun, frequent time in the water, or exposure to salt, among others, as well as failure to follow aftercare guidelines properly can effect the outcome and, or longevity of microblading too. ​

The initial cost of $525 includes a consultation, the main microblading appointment, and 2touch ups to be done within 90 days of the first procedure.


The initial cost of $475 includes a consultation, the main microblading appointment, andone touch up to be done within 90 days of the first procedure. 

Additional touch ups are $150 after any included in preliminary price or after 90 days have passed.​

*For all appointments, initial and touchups, 12 hours or more is required for cancellation or rescheduling. Within 12 hours of your appointment time cancellations, reschedulings, or no-shows will incur a $50 fine that must be paid before any other appointment may be made. This fine is nonrefundable and is separate from the cost of the procedure.